Please take a look at AIS History of Innovation


AIS was founded in 1983 by Mr. Alecio Maduro and Mr. Urquhart M. Dobsen with the objective to serve the open system community in Curaçao and
the Netherlands Antilles. In 1986 Mr. Etto O’Niel joined the company. The core business of AIS in those days was building tailor made systems and
support accounting software for a PC environment, for example RealWorld accounting program. In 1985 AIS became the DataGeneral distributor
for the Netherlands Antilles & Aruba. By obtaining this exclusive contract AIS expanded its sales, maintenance and repair of hardware for the
middle to large companies in the region. Around 1987 AIS started selling, maintaining and repairing Turnkey PC solutions.  The dividing line
between the two decennia was the Unix break-through for AIS. In 1989 AIS installed her first UNIX RISC system.

“Our company did always strive and will keep up with the technology development.  AIS is an evolving company, which will bring many changes to our FUTURE.”
CEO/Managing Director
Alecio A. Maduro
As the demands from clients became even more specific in the 1990s, AIS carried on with acquiring distributorships of middle to large software
companies all over the world to serve her client’s needs even better. This all resulted in the exclusive distributorship of InfoCAD products in 1990 and
Oracle in 1992.  Around 1994 AIS started selling, maintaining and repairing faxes, photocopiers, etc. During this period AIS also became official
distributor for Mita, Brother and Aopen products.  During the nineties AIS also introduced a new access control solution to businesses on the island
of Curacao and the Netherlands Antilles. Nowadays AIS has a lot of customers in the Hotel sector (key access control) and other professional
business sectors.  In 1998 AIS entered a whole new market consisting of technical drawers, and construction firms. These clients took the
advantages of Autodesk, another product of which AIS became the distributor.


In the first year of the new century AIS filled the urgent need of companies towards relevant and useful business information. With the distributorship
of Dimensional Insight, AIS is giving all company levels the possibility to dive into their data and make founded decisions based on meticulous and
up-to-date information. Further more a partnership (Velocity Partner) with EMC was established enabling AIS to provide the local market with high
class storage, backup and archiving solutions. In the new millennium AIS continues to bring even more solutions to fulfill her customer’s present

By introducing new innovative solutions AIS strives to:
» Create Awareness of Available Innovative Solutions in the Market which will improve our life style!
» Create Affordable Scalable IT Solutions
» Improve Operational Excellence for her Customers
» Serve as a Sparring Partner for her Customers in order to solve their IT issues as a result of their business goals.
Since Artificial Intelligence Systems (AIS) was established in 1983, it has brought many innovations in
the information technology area over the years. Our company did always strive and will keep up with
the technology development. AIS is an evolving company, which will bring many changes to our

Artificial Intelligence Systems (AIS) believes that three main points stand for excellent business
- Excellent service
- Professional employees
- Innovative technology
A combination of all three elements makes us your best choice for all ICT projects.

AIS has established a strong presence in the manufacturing, communications, financial, governmental,
and educational sectors. The firm's diverse experience is derived from tailoring computer applications
to fit each client's individual needs. Recognizing client satisfaction as the most important asset, sets
AIS apart as a leader in its industry. AIS believes in offering services to their clients during the full
project life cycle.
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