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AIS 436


Cylinder Order Distribution System

Manage your Order and Distribution process efficiently

CODS is a webbased ordering and distribution system. Built on an Oracle database this system handles all your orders and auto generates delivery schedules for your drivers. Your drivers will be using a handheld to scan the cylinders returned and delivered. A multitude of reports can be produced from CODS including 'daily cash lists' which is an overview cash value of orders placed by point of sales.  

Easy and Simple to Use

The many checkpoints within CODS makes it easy for your employees to use CODS. Most of these checkpoints are configurable within the system by an authorized engineer.

AIS 437


Place order for all your customers with their order history and for each order their status at hand. Multi type (cash, Credit Card, Debet Card et.) payment possible. 

AIS 438


Schedule deliveries taking into account which customer has prioriy based on your priority criteria. Commercial and Residents customers overview at hand so your planner will be able to schedule securely.

AIS 439


Delivery of the products is a complete automated process using a handheld scanner device. Delivery information is sent immediately to CODS system to process.

Automatic Bank Statement Processing 

No more waisting of time! Scan your bank statements and have ABPS read them and transform the information into usefull data ready for your systems. 

Deposit Slip Register is an add on for users of ABPS.
Deposit slip numbers can be saved in this add on. ABPS can check transaction date in the database of DSR in order to get the actual transaction date of a deposit.


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