Business Intelligence goals:
- Improved Management Reporting
- Electronic Information Distribution
- Common Terminology and Metrics
- Enable Decision Support & Planning
- Gain Efficiency and Consistency
- Must be Strategic, Scalable, Enterprise-wide
AIS is able to support you in your decision making process for a BI solution by:
- Analyzing your data infrastructure
- Compare your needs with BI solutions available
- Advice on which BI solution to implement based on your business needs and
financial budget

During implementation AIS can provide professional services (e.g.
Projectmanager) at market competitive prices.
Business Intelligence

Dimensional Insight
Dimensional Insight's end-to-end business intelligence solution delivers business value. We provide your enterprise with a robust data integration tool, a number of powerful analytical and reporting components, and a web portal for disseminating information to your employees, customers and suppliers. Alerting services, event scheduling, highly customizable data access control and encryption are all standard functionality. No expensive add-ons are required. Unlike conventional OLAP tools, no database is needed to store or create Models, significantly lowering the cost of your reporting and analytics investment and delivering business value that speeds ROI.
In the Caribbean and Latin America AIS partners with Dimensional Insight (DI) to deliver an affordable business intelligence solution. A  footprint on our local market indicates that DI is what it pretends to be namely an affordable , easy to deploy (no longer than 30 days!) business intelligence solution.
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Business intelligence process simplified
Oracle BI Standard Edition One
The Right BI Foundation for the Emerging Enterprise!
Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One (SE One) is a complete, integrated BI system designed for deployments from 5 to 50 users. It includes proven, leading BI and data warehousing technology, including Oracle Interactive Dashboards, Oracle BI Publisher for highly formatted reporting, Oracle Answers for ad hoc reporting and analysis, Oracle Warehouse Builder for ETL, and Oracle Database-all in one easy to install package.
The reason for wanting a BI application is to be able to:
1. Understand Consumers & Market
2. Understand Products & Services
3. Understand Sales Channels & Competition
4. Transition from Reactive to Proactive
5. Leverage Information to be Smarter
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