In the Caribbean and Latin America AIS partners with Dimensional Insight (DI) to deliver an affordable
business intelligence solution. A  footprint on our local market indicates that DI is what it pretends to be
namely an affordable, easy to deploy (no longer than 30 days!) business intelligence solution.

Dimensional Insights end-to-end business intelligence solution delivers business value. We provide your
enterprise with a robust data integration tool, a number of powerful analytical and reporting components, and
a web portal for disseminating information to your employees, customers and suppliers. Alerting services,
event scheduling, highly customizable data access control and encryption are all standard functionality. No
expensive add-ons are required. Unlike conventional OLAP tools, no database is needed to store or create
Models, significantly lowering the cost of your reporting and analytics investment and delivering business
value that speeds ROI.
Dimensional Insight …affordable Business Intelligence

AIS as the official distributor of Dimensional Insight for the Netherlands Antilles, Aruba, Venezuela and Suriname, offers you product sale, product installation, in-company training and much more.
A few customers  using DI
users with secure role-based intelligence is a critical step to positively impacting operational performance
measures. Dimensional Insight simplifies the information delivery process ensuring users are given timely
web-based access to business critical metrics in a format that is meaningful to their specific roles.

ENABLE DATA-DRIVEN DECISION MAKING DI s dashboard capabilities assist organizations by identifying,
defining, and developing metrics that meet project, departmental or organizational information requirements.
This process ensures users are able to interact with the appropriate data to make fact-based decisions.
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Data Collection:
The Diver Solution provides the ability to extract data from any source system. Virtually any data format,
including text files, Oracle tables, SQL tables, MySQL tables, DB2 tables and many other leading database
and application formats can be accessed.

Data Assembly:
Once your data has been identified and collected, the correct business rules and data relationships are
established to create an application that will meet user needs. The Diver Solution automates this process
through the integration of the data into a Model - a highly indexed dynamic data file.

Information Delivery:
Organizations are comprised of many different types of users who have varying requirements for information
access and use. Dimensional Insight provides many client interface options, including a browser-based
portal, a zero-footprint analysis client for external and casual users.

Security and Administration:
Access to the Data Models is managed through a powerful security layer that is administered centrally.
Users can be restricted from entire Data Models, sub-sets of Models, specific data dimensions, or even
particular line-item detail. The system enables administrators to set-up groups, and utilizes existing access
control lists.