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Updated on December 19, 2023

These are all the steps which Curgas would take and doesn’t cover any steps needed to be taken by the customer anywhere other than Curgas, prior to reaching out to Curgas.

  1. A customer comes to Curgas to report a lost cylinder.
  2. Curgas verifies the authenticity of the claim and needs the information of which cylinder is still at the connection so the proper actions can be taken concerning the missing cylinder(s). CODS does provide the installed cylinders of mentioned customer.
  3. The Curgas Employee initiates the process “Lost Cylinder”, having the above information available, where the following takes place.
    a. The reported stolen cylinder is removed from the customer.
    b. The number of cylinders in QUANTITY DEFAULT PRODUCTS is decremented by one for each cylinder reported.
    c. The Deposit is subtracted as having been restituted.
    d. The way this is handled, is by issuing a Debit Memo for an amount equal to the restituted Deposit amount. What needs to be sorted out is how to deal with the cases where the deposit is zero or way under the amount of a reasonable deposit amount. Possibly a base amount or the current deposit amount would serve as a reference amount.
    e. As this is an asset, it needs to be reported as stolen and becomes inactive so it can’t be part of any transaction any longer. (as this part is not operational at the moment, this should be contemplated once Curgas takes the decision to keep track of its assets.)
    f. Once the “Lost Cylinder” process is terminated, a new Service order, like the “New Extension” should be initiated for the new cylinder(s) accompanied by their Deposit(s) etc.
  4. Now the customer is back to its state, previous to the “Lost Cylinder”
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