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Installing the Software Program

Updated on December 19, 2023

With these prerequisites one can use an internet browser to access the COAS main page by either holding down “Ctrl” while clicking on the following link: http://weblogicserver:8888/forms/frmservlet or by copying and pasting the previous link into the browser’s URL bar. Upon doing this some “Security Warning” windows will pop-up in succession, asking if you would want to run the application. Double check that the publisher and location information corresponds with what is shown below. Check the boxes, accepting the terms to run the application and click “Run” for each of the two windows.

After completing these steps, the main CODS page will appear on the screen. On the page, you will notice a singular “Windows” tab at the top-left corner of the web-page. Along with this, a separate window to enter one’s unique user account information, as shown below:

Fill in the “Username” and “Password”, change the “Connect” field, using the  icon selecting the connection in which the individual will be operating in from the resulting drop-down menu. Lastly, one would change the “Company” field to the corresponding option in the same manner as previously done. Once this step is completed, the user will be directed to the CODS main page, illustrated on the next page.

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