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Convert Non Existing Customer

Updated on December 21, 2023

The next step is to start by converting the customer data to become an actual CODS customer.

This is achieved by entering selecting the following …

Customers > Customers/Connections > New Customers/Connections.

This is the screen presented.

By clicking the search icon next to Customer ID, the window “list Customers Online” pops-up as seen on the following screenshot, showing all pending Prospects from which to choose, as the data for the prospect customer already exists, after being entered during the New Prospect function.

Next, the selection screen is displayed.

On confirming by pressing the OK button, the filled-out window is presented which looks as follows.

From here on, the steps to conclude the completion of the creation of the Customer is by ticking the 5 check boxes as an indication that all the necessary documentation to become a Curgas customer has been met and after ticking the last check box, a Submit button appears on the bottom left side of the window, as you can see on the next screenshot. Noting can be changed here, as this is what the customer provided when requesting the service.

On Submit, all the entered information as recorded during New Prospect function is used to populate the CODS required fields as is, the Curgas ID will display and a Warning window appears asking to create an additional address. Selecting No, concludes the entry of a customer.
Press Exit button to close the window.

The next step to follow would be to convert the Estimate to a real order.
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