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Non Existing Customer

Updated on December 21, 2023

A non existing customer is a contact that is not a customer in the CODS database. This contact is referred to as Prospect Customer in CODS.

The Prospect Customer can be found here:

To create an estimate for a prospect customer two steps must take place in the following sequence:

  1. Create New Prospect
  2. Create Estimate for prospect customer

Create New Prospect

This section starts by collecting the relevant data from the prospect, necessary to produce a proper quotation.

The needed info is entered, apart from the main screen, in additional three tabs, containing per topic, the following:

  • Main Screen: Customer type, names, titles, identification data, info on how to reach either phone(s) and email if available.
  • Address tab: Address for which the quotation is being produced as specific as possible.
  • Connection tab: Connection type(s) being requested, with their number of cylinders.
  • Phones: Additional Phones and specifics.

Once this data is entered and submitted, a button “Estimate Service” appears on the left of the exit button indicating that you can proceed to the “Estimate” window.

Create Estimate

This window consists of two tabs, being “Customer Information” and “Estimate Customer Service Order”.

The “Customer Information” tab shows all the data entered during the above collection of who is the requestor, where the service will be rendered and what type of service is being requested.

Next “Estimate Customer Service Order” tab will perform the same steps as when a service order is being issue, with the added ability to make modifications to the products (parts) being used, to comply with the customer/prospect request.

The following screen starts the sequence of producing a Service Order.

Choose the “Service Order Type”. Being a new customer, the only possible “Service Order Type” is “New Connection

By pressing the Connections button choose the address for which this service order applies to.
Now press the search flashlight icon to choose the Service Description. Based on the choice the pricing is shown. If correct press the Process Estimate button. To discontinue creating the estimate press the Exit button.

The Total for the service to be delivered, is shown in the next screen after pressing the Process Estimate button.

Once submitted, concludes the quotation process where the following two documents are being produced and showed in the default web browser, being the total amount for the service to be rendered, and the detail of the items charged for the service being requested.

document 1
document 2

On acceptance of the quotation, the next step to follow would be conversion from prospect customer to customer.
Go to Conversion of Non Existing Customer

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