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Quotation to Order

Updated on December 21, 2023

Here you can convert Estimates to Orders.

This displays the selected function Quotation to Order.

Proceed to the search icon to get the quotations to choose from. This gives a listing of all estimates.

After selecting the proper quotation, the next window is displayed.
Confirmation screen for Estimate to be processed.

After selecting the correct Estimate, the same screen is shown, now without the warning and after clicking on the “Convert to Order” button, the result is the shown screen, it’s then that the warning windows is shown asking if the selected estimate is the correct one.

Once again confirmation is requested to convert the estimate to an order.

Next a confirmation screen of successful conversion to order with all the necessary keys is displayed.

On conclusion, all the relevant documentation, like when a new client is created, is produced. On confirmation by pressing the OK button, after having seen the different keys produced by the automatic population of the relevant data, the next two documents are displayed, to be printed.

The following are the mentioned documents.

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