Enterprise Solutions should provide business management,  easy to manage IT
solutions that are scalable and provide secure access to business information for
internal and external clients.

This means that the Enterprise Solution must have the following characteristics:
1. Security - Your environment should be of such nature that business information
cannot be accessed by unauthorized people
2. Scalability - The solution must be able to grow as your business grows
3. Cost - A pay as you grow method must be applicable
4. Management - The provide solution must be easy and transparent manageable
5. Portable - Changes in technology must be possible

All the above imply that a proper requirements definition study must be done before
choosing an Enterprise Solution that suits your company.
suitable decision.

AIS as distributor for Oracle, EMC and Dimensional Insight, has the potential to
offer Enterprise Solutions which are part of these companies product line or
solutions from accredited Solution Partners making use of either Database,
Storage Solutions or Software Solution.
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