AIS believes that information is of utmost importance for the daily
operations of any business.
For this reason security is required for information to protect its reliability
and confidentiality through its lifecycle no matter where it moves, who
accesses it or how it is used. AIS offers industry-leading solutions in
identity assurance & access control, encryption & key management,
compliance & security information management and fraud protection.

In a world in which security strategy can make or break a company’s
relationships, reputation and results, the confidentiality and integrity of
information is no longer solely an IT priority - it’s a senior management

AIS trough its partners is guiding the local market  into a new approach
to security, one that will enable  companies to address these challenges
and move ahead with the confidence it takes to compete and win in
today’s marketplace.

With solutions offered by AIS customers can be assured that their
information assets are protected.

A few solutions provided by AIS are:
- Authentication
- Log Management
- Database Security
Information Security Solutions

DLP (data loss prevention)
The RSA enVision platform is engineered to collect All the Data™ necessary to effectively and efficiently maximize an organization’s security posture and to reduce the burden of compliance.
Securing Your Future with Two-Factor Authentication!
Do you really know who's accessing your most sensitive networked information assets? Unfortunately, security built on static, reusable passwords has proven easy for hackers to beat.

RSA SecurID® two-factor authentication is based on something you know (a password or PIN) and something you have (an authenticator)-providing a much more reliable level of user authentication than reusable passwords.
Discover, educate, enforce and report!
RSA Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Suite enables organizations to discover and classify their sensitive data, educate end users and ensure data is handled appropriately, and report on risk reduction and progress towards policy objectives.
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