In the world today we see a couple of trends regarding security:
- Increasing demand of our society for continuous surveillance of our public areas security 
- Fighting terrorism is a top priority. Our society expects a strong pre-emptive attitude from the
government and public services
- Companies and institutions guard their areas with cameras and other resources
- There is an increasing pressure to realize more results with the same quantity of resources
- More often private companies are being used to guard residential areas, industrial zones and
large events like concerts and football matches
- Overcrowded prisons can be relieved by guarding via GPS systems in bracelets worn by
prisoners in a restricted area like their home

The challenges are:
- to recognize suspicious situations and violations
- call out emergency rooms
- manage public services and private security officers

The newest implemented biometrical techniques in IT technology enables us to provide you with
a suitable managed security solution for your business. Such solution will be able to, detect
violations, monitor Key Performance Indicators, generate trend-reports and generate production-
Managed Security Services

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