- Project Management
- Full life cycle development utilizing a broad range of Oracle development tools
- Oracle web application server development
- Oracle DBA support and performance tuning
- Oracle financials, and manufacturing application implementation
Some key AIS capabilities
Following the international market developments AIS, a certified Oracle partner, is also
concentrating itself on Oracle Business Solutions. Although developing customized
applications in Oracle is still part of our portfolio we will always look for a suitable Oracle
application for your needs. Customized applications have been proven to have a high TCO
and generally lead to a vendor lock in, which is not advisable. 

Advising customers on their database solution, security, redundancy of data is  what AIS has
been doing for years in the Dutch Caribbean.  Furthermore as a certified Oracle Partner AIS
offers Oracle courses given by Oracle University certified trainers and at completion of the
course an Oracle University certification will be given to course attendees.

AIS delivers DBA services, Projectmanagement  for Oracle specific projects, Implementation
of  Oracle DB, RAC and Dataguard Enterprise, Development (design DB, report, Apex, Php,

Moving Forward with Oracle
Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One (SE One) is a complete, integrated BI
system designed for deployments from 5 to 50 users. It includes proven, leading BI and
data warehousing technology, including Oracle Interactive Dashboards, Oracle BI Publisher
for highly formatted reporting, Oracle Answers for ad hoc reporting and analysis, Oracle
Warehouse Builder for ETL, and Oracle Database-all in one easy to install package.
· Designed for small and medians companies with attractive costs.
· Generation of reports so that your business gains agility..
· Precise, reliable information and in real time.
· Increases your power of decision and measurement of opportunities,
through precise analysis of information.
· Integrated, complete, flexible, growing
Pricing and Availability
Oracle Business Intelligence SE One is generally available for the Microsoft Windows
platform and is priced at $1,200 per named user (minimum of five users, maximum of 50
users). Terms, conditions, and restrictions apply. Migration to the Oracle Business
Intelligence Suite EE for growth beyond 50 users is also available.

Running on a single server, Oracle
Business Intelligence SE One delivers interactive dashboards, formatted reporting, ad hoc
query and analysis, ETL technology, and the world's leading database, in a single, easy to
install package. A component of the Oracle Fusion Middleware product family, Oracle
Business Intelligence SE One offers customers the right BI foundation to deliver
comprehensive, relevant, and timely information for better decision-making and performance.
Oracle Financial Services Software, a majority-owned subsidiary of Oracle, is a leading
provider of banking solutions. Oracle FLEXCUBE is a complete banking product suite for
retail, consumer, corporate, investment and asset management, and investor servicing.
Oracle Daybreak helps banks reduce risk and increase productivity throughout the
consumer-lending cycle.
Oracle Reveleus delivers a suite of analytical applications for multi-jurisdictional Basel II
compliance and risk management. The Oracle Mantas Behavior Detection Platform is the
industry's most comprehensive solution for anti-money laundering, detecting risk, and
enhancing customer relationships. And Oracle Financial Services Consulting offers a unique
blend of business consulting, application management, and technology consulting services
across business areas to global financial institutions.
Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC), with Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition, enables a single database to run across a cluster of servers, providing unbeatable fault tolerance, performance, and scalability with no application changes necessary.


Oracle Active Data Guard  - an option for Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition - enhances Quality of Service by offloading resource intensive workloads from your production database to one or more synchronized standby databases.

Screen Shots Oralce BI ONE
Oracle Courses with Official Oracle Certification from Oracle University

To succeed in today’s competitive environment, you need real-time information. This
requires a platform that can unite information from disparate systems across your
enterprise without compromising availability and performance. Oracle GoldenGate 11g is a
high-performance software application for real-time transactional change data capture,
transformation, and delivery, offering log-based bidirectional data replication. The
application enables you to ensure that your critical systems are operational 24/7, and the
associated data is distributed across the enterprise to optimize decision-making.

Real-Time Access to Real-Time Information
Business-critical systems must offer the highest availability, ensure fast and easy access
to the right data, and quickly adapt to changing business and IT demands. With
transaction volume increasing at an exponential rate as more and more business
processes are conducted online, many organizations need a better solution to collect and
deliver immediate access to the tremendous amount of enterprise data.

Oracle GoldenGate 11g provides real-time capture, transformation, routing, and delivery of
database transactions across heterogeneous systems. The software facilitates high-
performance, low-impact data movement with subsecond latency to a wide variety of 
databases and platforms while maintaining transaction integrity. 
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Oracle GoldenGate 11g
Oracle Content Management
Unmanaged content is taking a huge toll on today’s businesses: It affects productivity,
complicates regulatory compliance, increases business and legal risks, and drives up the cost  of doing business.

Oracle Content Management offers the most unified, usable enterprise content management (ECM) platform in today’s market. With centralized control across single or multiple repositories, common core functionality, and easily scalable
content management capabilities, Oracle provides content management solutions for all content types and all users-wherever they work in the enterprise. And because it’s built on Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Content Management integrates seamlessly with Oracle’s other solutions-including business intelligence, business integration, and process management-making content management an important part of your overall business strategy.