Prism Deploy, Asset and Patch Management

Prism Deploy®
Deploy software to every PC, laptop and server throughout your organization in minutes.
Keep computers compliant with your software standards. Quickly remediate software
issues on computers. Create a set-and-forget environment where computers stay in the
state you define. Easily find and uninstall unauthorized software from computers.

Prism Asset Manager®
With Prism Asset Manager, knowledge about your computing environment gives you the
power to speed return on your hardware and software investments. The power to better plan
and budget for IT asset procurement and migration, comply with software license
agreements, improve helpdesk and IT staff efficiency, and configure your servers, desktops
and laptops for maximum security.

Prism Patch Manager®
Prism Patch Manager automatically secures Windows systems from software vulnerabilities
by managing the entire software patching process - from discovering vulnerabilities, to
acquiring and testing patches, to deploying patches throughout your organization.
Prism Patch Manger is highly scalable to meet the needs of a large, distributed network. It
delivers comprehensive reporting to demonstrate patch compliance to management and
auditors. It delivers fast, accurate patch management so you can proactively manage
Prism Suite is an automated Windows configuration and compliance management solution
designed with the busy IT administrator in mind. Prism Suite combines the automated
desktop management functions administrators use the most - asset management, software
deployment, and patch management - in an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use modular solution.
With its flexible design, you decide which of the products you want, so you only buy what you
really need. Besides this it also helps you achieve your green IT goals.
Some key Prism Suite Features
- Overview of Illegal use of Software
- Easy Overview of Licensing Needs
- Controlled Deployment of Software
- Overview of Hardware Configurations
- Version History of ALL Software
- Continuos Controlled Production Environment

- Prism Suite Brochure
- Prism Asset Management Datasheet
- Prism Deploy Management Datasheet
- Prism Patch Management Datasheet
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