EnVision is a 3 in one solution that  (1) will fulfill all your (PCI) compliance needs, trough its
thousands ready made reports. Furthermore (2) it is a forensic tool, that help you investigate fraud
or any attacks on you network and third (3) it is a online alerter. EnVision will alert you on standard
attacks on the infrastructure. But it can also alert on predefined events.

Actionable Compliance and Security Intelligence RSA enVision™ technology is an information
management platform for comprehensive and efficient transformation of event data into actionable
compliance and security intelligence.
RSA - The Security Division of EMC - pioneered security information and event management
(SIEM), which has become a necessity for any company with operation-critical IT infrastructure
and accountability to compliance standards. The most accurate analysis and verifiable compliance
requires thorough data gathering. The RSA enVision Platform has been proven to efficiently collect
and protect All the Data™ from any IP device, in computing environments of any size, without
filtering and without the need to deploy agents.

Based on the LogSmart Internet Protocol Database (IPDB), RSA enVision appliances capture and
store up to hundreds of thousands of data events per second, providing an enterprise view of
activity from any number of sources, including systems and even proprietary applications. That’s
why over 800 customers - including some of the largest global Fortune 100 enterprises - have
selected RSA enVision technology as the optimal platform to acquire and leverage security and
compliance intelligence.

RSA Security Solutions
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Log Data Collection and Management LogSmart
- Internet Protocol Database
- LogSmart IPDB Storage and Performance
- RSA enVision Appliances
- Integration Partners and Supported Devices
- Universal Device Support

Alerting and Correlation Baselines
- Correlated Alerts
- Vulnerability Asset Management

Reporting and Analysis Reports
- Forensics and Security
- Vulnerability Asset Management
- Real Time Analysis and Event Explorer

Incident Management Correlated Alerts
- Real Time Analysis and Event Explorer
- Vulnerability Asset Management
- Information Lifecycle Management

Log Storage and Lifecycle Management
LogSmart IPDB Storage and Performance
- RSA enVision DAS2000 log storage
- RSA enVision NAS3500 log storage
RSA enVision Platform Function and Feature Topics

Authentication is the process for allowing the right persons or machines on your companies
network and systems. RSA SecurID and RSA Authentication manager is a central
authentication system based on strong authentication (a device, like a token and something you
know like a pin-code) this allows you to authenticate, authorize and administrate (and log)
individuals and machines to all your systems and network.

The need to ensure that only authorized users are granted access is mission critical.
Information security is a necessary underpinning for further advances in electronic
business.Technologies such as session encryption, firewalls, virtual private networks, wireless
LANs and digital certificates have all emerged as pieces of the solution. While each is designed
to enhance some aspect of information security - whether by restricting access to or preventing
the interception of private data - none of them alone is designed to address the fundamental
security issue that underlies the most damaging information crimes such as “is the person who
is attempting to access protected files and/or resources an authentic user or an impostor?”

RSA® Authentication Manager software, as an integral component of the RSA SecurID®
solution for two-factor user authentication, can help efficiently manage the authentication of
users to your network, web-based applications or applications within your network.

Data Sheet: RSA Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Network
Data Sheet: RSA Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Endpoint
The RSA Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Suite enables organizations to discover and classify their
sensitive data, educate end users and ensure data is handled appropriately, and report on risk
reduction and progress towards policy objectives.
The RSA Data Loss Prevention Suite offers solutions to help organizations solve the complex
business problems they face everyday, including the need to simplify compliance, streamline
business processes, protect intellectual property and brand value, strong policy management and
classification by identity-aware policy and response and incident workflow

The RSA DLP Suite is available in three modules:

RSA DLP Datacenter identifies sensitive data and helps to enforce policies across file shares,
databases, storage systems (SAN/NAS), Microsoft SharePoint® sites and other data repositories.

RSA DLP Network identifies sensitive data and enforces policies across corporate email
systems, web-based email systems, instant messaging, and web-based protocols.

RSA DLP Endpoint identifies sensitive data and enforces policies for such data stored or in use
on laptops and desktops.

The RSA Data Loss Prevention Suite offers solutions to help organizations solve the complex
business problems they face everyday including the need to:
- Simplify compliance
- Streamline business processes
- Protect intellectual property and brand value

Key Benefits
- Strong policy management and classification
- Identity-aware policy and response
- Flexible incident workflow
- Scalability
- Single policy framework
White Paper: Five Key Considerations for Selecting a Data Loss Prevention Solution
Data Sheet: RSA Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Datacenter
Data Loss Prevention Assessment Tool
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Introduction to SecureID
RSA Envision Platform
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