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Apps Services

Doing The Right Thing, At The Right Time

We offer the industry’s most complete and integrated set of tools for application development, database development, and business intelligence to support any development approach, technology platform, or operating system.

AIS is a leading provider of customized software solutions. We provide professional software development services that are customized according to your needs. Our developers are certified professionals with extensive real-world experience and the know-how to quickly implement any computerized application. Our professional services include consultancy, project management and development these services can also be given on-site.

Typical on-site project management engagements include:
– Acquisition of analysts, developers, and programmers
– Selecting the appropriate hardware and ancillary software
– Managing analysis and design projects
– Conducting design reviews
– Preparing documentation
– Creating scalable architectures and capacity planning.
– Designing databases for high-speed, high-volume transactions
– Designing Web architectures for eCommerce systems

Infrastructure Management Services

Network Management

Design, implement and managed network infrastructures is what we do. We will revise your network detect discrepancies, troubleshoot and remedy these issues making sure your network is operational and secure.


AIS partners with Dell EMC for storage, archive and back solutions. Certified consultants and engineers will guide you through the process of acquiring and implementing the adequate solution for your organization beyond that we will give you state of the art support for your implemented system.


Our database engineers will assists you in designing and keeping your database performance as optimal as possible. DBA services can also be provided.


AIS is able to manage your business critical application in such manner that TCO reduction is realized, innovative improvements are monitored and the application environment is monitored for changes that will have an impact on the applications performance.


Our experts will address your design, build, and operations (managed services) needs. The platforms comprise the operating system and hypervisor layer (and their management platforms and add-ons).Our service covers installations, upgrades, troubleshooting, maintenance, monitoring, OS updates, and much more.


As Information Technology increasingly becomes part of our lives. More and more employees are spending their working hours behind a Laptop, PC or similar device, often in a server based environment.Managing all the concerned devices can be a time consuming activity, adding to operational costs and draining a company of resources.End-user management services allow business to spend their valuable resources on their core business.

Support Services

Let us make sure your business is always guaranteed of SUPPORT.


AIS will start your renewal process on time thus making sure that your support contract is renewed on time.


During incidents, provide us with the ticket number and AIS will monitor the inicdent handling process at the vendor. Pressuring them to comply with the service level agreement.


Yearly AIS will analyze and assess your support contract to see if TCO can be reduced.