AIS develops applications, modular, integral and custom-made with the latest in technology in development

We offer the industry's most complete and integrated set of tools for application development, database
development, and business intelligence to support any development approach, technology platform, or
operating system.

AIS is a leading provider of customized software solutions.
We provide professional software development services that are customized according to your needs.  Our
developers are certified professionals with extensive real-world experience and the know-how to quickly
implement any computerized application.
Our professional services include consultancy, project management and development these services can also
be given on-site. Typical on-site project management engagements include:
Software Engineering

- Case Design (Oracle Designer)
- PL/SQL Systems Development
- Java/J2EE and Oracle JDeveloper development
- Ajax/Web-based system Development
- SQL*Forms development
- Oracle Application Express (Apex, HTML-DB) development
- Microsoft .NET
- Portal (Web pages, Web Design, Frames…)
- Content Management (Database Content and Text)
- Dimensional Insight
- Acquisition of analysts, developers, and programmers.
- Selecting the appropriate hardware and ancillary software.
- Managing analysis and design projects.
- Conducting design reviews.
- Preparing documentation
- Creating scalable architectures and capacity planning.
- Designing databases for high-speed, high-volume transactions.
- Designing Web architectures for eCommerce systems
AIS developers are expert in all areas of Oracle, Microsoft, Web Design, Database Design, Open Source and
any platform as Windows, Linux, Unix  and with any tools of development and we are the safe choice for any
development project:
AIS developers are experts at systems development, and AIS is a reliable source of professional Team development.
Some key AIS capabilities
- Data Modeling
- Project Management
- Data Warehousing
- Data Base Administration (DBA)
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