A solid server and storage infrastructure is on its own not enough to guarantee data availability.
It is every customers dream to have an IT environment that is self regulating and self healing.
A lot of hardware and software suppliers lack the ability to deliver on customers requirements while
promising this kind of enterprise features at retail prices.
AIS believes that dedicated Server and Storage management strategies combined with solid
hardware infrastructures allow organizations to monitor and react proactively on their IT environment.

Archival of older important documents using computer hardware and software contributes largely to
the decrease of paper and floor space requirements for archival purposes. Archival solutions however
require the necessary performance to enable fast, reliable and easy access to the archived
information. Documents can in this manner be easily accessed by an employee without the help of
other colleagues while guaranteeing archived data is safely stored and available when ever and where
ever this is required by designated users.

Many organizations underestimate the importance of a good backup infrastructure in their
The selection and implementation of the correct backup solution will enable fast and reliable backup
and restore operations which guarantees that RPOs (Recovery Point Objectives) and RTOs
(Recovery Time Objectives) are met in case of system or site failures.

All these strategies will contribute to higher data availability and accessibility in your IT environment
while assuring business continuity.
AIS together with its partners deliver high-end server and storage management solutions which
combined with the customers current or future hardware infrastructure can guarantee business
continuity through data availability.
Storage, Archive and Backup Solutions

In January of 2011 EMC launched its new storage product line especially for the Small and Medium Business. This product line is called the VNX family.
Using EMCs email archiving Source One solution e-mails are transferred, either automatically by policy or by users directly, from primary storage in production environments into a mail archive, single-instanced at the file level, indexed and made searchable for eDiscovery requests.
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EMC is the world leader in storage, archving and backup. EMC has several backup solutions in its portfolio: AVAMAR, DataDomain and Networker. With features as Data Deduplication EMC proves that it knows how to efficiently backup your data in this time of age especially in virtualized environments.